Work in IT

Three of our head office departments are related to IT. This means that in addition to the IT Department you may also want to read about our Finance department and our Business Applications department.

  • App. 30 employees work in the JYSK IT Department which is responsible for all IT solutions used within JYSK.
  • We do not outsource tasks - we develop, implement and manage all tasks internally, by means of SAP, JAVA and Drupal.
  • JYSK invests considerable resources in the best possible IT solutions.
  • You will be involved in development processes from start to finish – and you will have extensive responsibility and free hands within your field of expertise.

Work in Marketing

  • The overall purpose of the Marketing department is to develop the JYSK brand and attract customers to our stores – by developing, planning and launching marketing campaigns and initiatives for all the 19 JYSK NORDIC countries.
  • Join a creative and dynamic team that works closely with other JYSK departments.
  • Be part of a rapidly changing company and get the opportunity to influence JYSK marketing communication.

Work in Business Applications

  • The overall purpose of our Business Applications Department is to develop business processes that support the company's needs and procedures and subsequently design the IT solutions that support such processes - solutions that will be communicated to the IT Department where tools and software are developed.
  • Be one of the team linking IT with the rest of the organisation.
  • Join a team with good business sense and an important understanding of IT systems and solutions – a team that is able to act efficiently and effectively in the area between the two fields.
Business Applications

Work in Purchasing

  • The overall purpose of the Purchasing Department is to manage the selection of articles: finding the right product at the right price for our customers and make sure we have articles that match our different quality levels (Basic, Plus & Gold).
  • Consequently, Purchasing is responsible for tasks ranging from the design and introduction of new products based on future trends to the selection of high-quality materials and the decision to discontinue articles. That is why the department has three sub-divisions – and you will see a detailed description of each by clicking the menu buttons below:
    • Commercial Purchasing
    • Flow of Goods
    • Product Safety and Quality

Work in E-business

  • E-business is an independent department that acts as the link between Marketing/Sales and IT Development.
  • The purpose of the E-business department is to create and coordinate advertising platforms, content and online marketing solutions.
  • Today, our customer starts his purchasing journey online – so online advertising solutions to support this journey are extremely important. That is why the overall purpose of the E-business department is to develop and improve JYSK’s digital performance.
  • With more than 100 million visitors on our websites each year, we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on a large number of potential customers. 

Work in Sales & Expansion (S&E)

  • The overall purpose of the Sales & Expansion Department (S&E) is to ensure sales and profitability, mainly through campaign activities and pricing. S&E manage JYSK's marketing budget and resources to ensure the best possible promotion and choice of advertising media. Next steps include the follow-up, reporting and evaluation of the performance of marketing initiatives.
  • In S&E you will be part of an international team that works closely with other JYSK departments and countries.
Sales & Expansion

Work in Communications

  • Communications is responsible for both internal communication (support JYSK culture) and external communication (strengthen the JYSK reputation).
  • Handle corporate communication on behalf of the entire JYSK organisation and create content and templates for the JYSK countries to use for local communications purposes.
  • Public relations, content creation, media monitoring and honest communication.
  • Preparation and communication of JYSK CSR strategies.
  • Be part of a dynamic environment where no two days are alike.
  • Work with all communications-related tasks.

Work in Finance

  • Finance NORDIC designs processes and IT systems for the decentralised finance departments and shared finance centres – and support them to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  • Finance plays a key role in valuable business intelligence.
  • Be responsible for many very different types of tasks and less routine.
  • Perfect for you if you enjoy the combination of IT and finance, with a focus on developing and optimising IT systems and procedures that support the operational tasks of the financial departments.

Work in HR

  • The overall purposes of the HR Department is to recruit talents and to train and develop all JYSK employees.
  • Develop tools, procedures and courses for staff development and conduct trainings.
  • Be a part of the development and phrasing of HR and Employer Branding Strategies.
  • Participate in professional and constructive discussions with managers to ensure the best possible JYSK teams.