JYSK Graduate Programme

Become an IT Graduate in JYSK 

Do you want the opportunity to kick-start your IT career in a global organisation that focuses on Customer First, Omni Channel Business, Unified Commerce and Digitalization?

The duration of our IT Graduate Programme is 18-24 months, and you will have a customized, personal programme which will ensure that you get all the competences and tools that you need. As part of the IT Graduate Programme you will spend time with different departments within the organisation – which will broaden your view of the JYSK core business and enable you to form relations across the organisation.

Interested? Keep an eye on our jobsite. We will runningly post the IT Graduate positions. 

As an IT Graduate in JYSK you will have a unique opportunity to put your theoretical education into practice when you work with experienced colleagues. You assume responsibility for your own learning, and we make sure you have the best possible conditions for learning and for developing your skills. 

You will be employed by JYSK Nordic – the division that takes care of all JYSK IT solutions, from development to implementation and maintenance within SAP, JAVA and Drupal. You will be involved in the development processes from day one until final implementation, and you will assume responsibility for your own projects.

After completion of the IT Graduate Programme, most Graduates are continuing as a consultant or a developer at JYSK. 

Our IT Graduate Programme has two tracks – a business-oriented and a technical track.


You have just finished or will soon finish your studies: Computer scientist, Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (or similar). You would like to kick-start your IT career and are exited to have a steep learning curve. You want to put all of the theoretical learnings from your studies into practice.

Things that are characteristic of you:

  • You have an interest in and a flair for IT
  • You find it easy to learn and master new systems
  • Challenges do not stop you – instead you look for new solutions
  • You are able to work independently, and you have a keen business awareness
  • You are ambitious and a quick learner
  • You have a strong analytical mind


JYSK invests considerable resources in the best possible IT solutions.

Our IT department is responsible for all IT solutions used within JYSK and consists of app. 50 employees.

We do not outsource tasks - we develop, implement and manage all tasks internally, by means of SAP, JAVA and Drupal.

You will be involved in development processes from start to finish – and you will have extensive responsibility and free hands within your field of expertise

SAP is the backbone of JYSK and today our IT department runs one of the largest SAP retail solutions in Denmark - based on the latest technology and managed entirely by JYSK IT consultants. When necessary, SAP is supported by customised JAVA solutions, while all company websites are built and managed in Drupal and hosted on an internal platform.


Tasks and responsibilities of the IT Department:

  • Plan, design, build, optimize and run IT solutions (SAP systems, JAVA, Drupal etc.)
  • Project management and control of IT implementation projects
  • Operate and manage our internal hosting centre
  • Handle server operations: Installation and update of new servers
  • Security and documentation of IT solutions
  • Develop and maintain our BI solutions. Going from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics


When you grow. We grow.

“JYSK is striving to be the frontrunner within their field when it comes to digital solutions, and being part of an organization who are this ambitious about their IT strategy is truly motivating. As a graduate I get to be involved not only in operations but also at the tactical and strategical level of my field. I have a say at the table, my opinions are valued and if I want responsibilities they are there for the taking!”


Sune Alexander Christensen

IT Graduate anno 2017


Become a Sales & Expansion Graduate in JYSK

Are you passionate about marketing, sales and retail? Do you want to be part of a professional organisation with global success? Would you be interested in an international Graduate Programme at our Head Office? Then our JYSK S&E Graduate Programme is just right for you!


You will be able to use your educational background for performing challenging tasks – and for contributing new approaches and perspectives to ongoing projects.


Interested? Keep an eye on our jobsite. We will runningly post the S&E Graduate positions. 



As our S&E Graduate your ‘basecamp’ will be the Sales & Expansion Department. After 9-12 months, you will be assigned to a JYSK country and assume co-responsibility for sales and marketing in the country. Your primary tasks will be the selection of articles for marketing, pricing activities, assortment management and monitoring of competitors. In addition, you will participate in a manager development programme at the Head Office.


You have just finished or will soon finish your studies: Bachelor of International Retail and Marketing, a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration BSc (EBA) or a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration MSc (Econ.) - or hold a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (or similar)


Things that are characteristic of you:

  • You have some retail experience
  • You are able to communicate in a clear and simple way in English – verbally as well as in writing
  • You have an analytical approach to tasks – and you have a way with numbers
  • You are result-oriented and have the ability to structure, follow up on and finalise your daily tasks
  • You have a commercial approach to things – and you know how to focus on the customer
  • You value working closely with your colleagues in performing tasks and solving problems


The overall purpose of the Sales & Expansion Department (S&E) is to ensure sales and profitability, mainly through campaign activities and pricing. S&E manage JYSK's marketing budget and resources to ensure the best possible promotion and choice of advertising media. Next steps include the follow-up, reporting and evaluation of the performance of marketing initiatives.

In S&E you will be part of an international team that works closely with other JYSK departments and countries.


Tasks and responsibilities of the S&E Department

  • Handle the pricing of app. 4,000 articles per country (regular as well as campaign prices)
  • Perform market surveillance and competitor analysis
  • Manage the marketing budget in order to ensure the best possible promotion and choice of advertising media
  • Coordinate the production of campaign papers, including choice of articles, prioritisation, content production in the form of text, logos and images, and final proofreading
  • Work closely with retail in the individual countries to ensure the best possible implementation and execution of marketing activities in the stores
  • Follow up on and evaluate the performance of marketing initiatives
  • Ensure that the marketing budget and resources are used in the best possible way based on our annual activity calendar and prioritisation of the different activities
  • Work closely with Retail on marketing activities that must be visual and supported in the stores
  • Assume responsibility for choosing articles for TV commercials, radio commercials (in some countries), front pages for websites and email newsletters
  • Handle reporting and ‘number crunching’ on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual sales and campaign performances
  • Work closely with Flow of Goods to ensure that we focus on the appropriate selection of goods in campaigns and make relevant price adjustments based on sales and stock levels


Bring dedication. Meet possibilities.

“One of the many great things about beginning your work life at JYSK is the welcome and thorough introduction you get, helping you to transition smoothly from academic life to start thinking more in terms of how you can exploit your knowledge and critical thinking in making a real difference and impact at JYSK. When you are ready to make this impact and have been given the tools, the rest is on you, and if you bring dedication and show just how ambitious you are, there are many possibilities.”


Lasse Mangaard Schmidt

S&E Graduate anno 2017


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