Work in IT

Three of our head office departments are related to IT. This means that in addition to the IT Department you may also want to read about our Finance department and our Business Applications department.

  • App. 30 employees work in the JYSK IT Department which is responsible for all IT solutions used within JYSK.
  • We do not outsource tasks - we develop, implement and manage all tasks internally, by means of SAP, JAVA and Drupal.
  • JYSK invests considerable resources in the best possible IT solutions.
  • You will be involved in development processes from start to finish – and you will have extensive responsibility and free hands within your field of expertise.

SAP is the backbone of JYSK. JYSK has used SAP since the 1990’es, and today our IT department runs one of the largest SAP retail solutions in Denmark - based on the latest technology and managed entirely by JYSK IT consultants. When necessary, SAP is supported by customised JAVA solutions, while all company websites are built and managed in Drupal and hosted on an internal platform.

Tasks and responsibilities of the IT Department

  • Develop, administer and optimise back-end systems.
  • Develop and maintain our SAP solutions.
  • Operate and manage our internal hosting centre.
  • Perform campaign control in SAP.
  • Design customised solutions in Java.
  • Handle server operations: Installation and update of new servers.
  • Design web solutions in Drupal.
  • Perform IT support.

A position in IT is perfect for you if you...

  • Have a passion for IT and for being up-to-date with the latest IT trends.
  • Want responsibility and free hands within your field of interest.
  • Want to keep JYSK up to date with the most intelligent and user-friendly solutions.
  • Are eager to perform and learn new things.
  • Are able to keep a cool head in a dynamic and busy environment.

Get to know us and find out what the IT Department can offer you

Learn more about our department by clicking "Meet an SAP Consultant” and/or "Work with Server Operations", depending on the field in which you are interested. Two of our colleagues will describe the work culture and elaborate on the different areas of responsibility in the IT Department.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in the IT department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

My name is Tina, and I work as an SAP Logistics Consultant.

What is it like to work in IT?

  • Our main task is to solve logistics problems. They may be sudden problems with our current IT solutions – problems that must be fixed, like, RIGHT NOW. Or we may work with stores about new approaches to our logistics solution. And finally, we have projects of a more long-term nature.
  • You’re responsible for solving a problem from A to Z – so you have to have a very broad knowledge of IT, and you must want to do everything instead of just solving one part of a problem.
  • If you consider the large IT set-up in JYSK, we are actually a rather small IT department. This means that you have a finger in every pie – from the very beginning until we finish a project or solve a problem. You get to see all aspects of the tasks – and the result. This means that you can’t just claim that it’s somebody else’s fault – you must take responsibility for what you do. So you have so many different tasks – I really like that!
  • In other companies, tasks may be divided – you know, Person no. 1 defines the task and the customer’s wishes; Person no. 2 develops the solution; Person no. 3 performs the customisation; Person no. 4 tests the features; and Person no. 5 is in charge of support. In JYSK, one person covers all bases. If there are things you don’t know we use external consultants. This is unique for JYSK – at least compared to the other companies I’ve worked at.
  • Funny enough, the challenges we face are what makes it interesting to go to work every day. Nothing is ever the same. You never know what ends up on your desk – and all tasks are exciting. You’re part of everything. And that’s just so inspiring. You have to figure out how to customise things. You must also be able to describe what you want the developer to make. Moreover, you must, of course, test everything before you release new features to the stores. You’re part of it all.
  • And then I really appreciate my wonderful colleagues and managers. We’re a really good team.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • It may be a challenge to meet your deadlines. Stores have a tendency to approach us with things that all of sudden have top priority and replace the top priorities of last week. So you have to adapt and change priorities – and that may be a challenge sometimes.

Your most important task this year?

  • Hmmm, primarily installing various new functionalities in MobiSys at our online warehouse and the rollout of online sales in 5-6 new countries. And you know, it’s not just a rollout – there may be specific requirements for each country because of different terms and conditions in the countries.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • The major things that we know about at this point is a new WMS – you know, Warehouse Management System – in Sweden. We have started to enlarge our Nässjö warehouse.
  • New solutions for our online warehouse – solutions for picking, packing and loading trucks.
  • More countries for online rollout, and new transporters in the countries.
  • We’re busy bees!

Describe the work culture

  • Even if we have our very specific areas of responsibility, we always help each other when necessary.
  • We have a good department culture with a lot of respect and acceptance.
  • We have a flat organisational structure, so we make our own decisions.
  • We don’t use outsourcing in our department, so we are all involved in the entire process, from making a decision to putting it into action and finally implementing it.
  • JYSK invests considerable resources in IT so we have the means to make the absolute best solutions.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • There are soooo many great things about being a JYSKie. It is heaven for an IT consultant to be hired by JYSK – that is, if you like challenges, if you are able to change priorities pretty fast, and if you like being a first mover. Then you’ll love it at JYSK!

My name is Michael, and I work as a Systems Administrator in Server Operations. 

What is it like to work in IT?

  • Server Operations cover the entire administrative back-end for both our head office and our stores, plus all the servers in the country head offices. My primary job is to ensure that everything is up and running.
  • In addition, I’m in charge of service contracts: are we going to buy, should we renew a subscription or what? We have to make sure that we’re 100 % covered on hardware service.
  • And I have a lot of hands-on tasks – updates, server installations and support incidents.
  • In addition, I’m a sparring partner for my Team Manager on future investments, budgets and tender documents.
  • It’s really exciting that I never know what’s going to happen. Of course, a few things are planned, like the installation of a new server. But so many things just pop up during the day because things are moving around the world – and that’s exciting!

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • The biggest challenge, I think, is to be up-to-date on IT developments. Things move so fast, and we have so many different products and systems. So being the expert and making sure you’re updated on all new aspects is quite hard. And you also have to stay tuned to what’s happening outside JYSK – there could be things that may be interesting for us.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • We have the implementation of a monitoring system and a new world-wide backup system. The backup system will allow us to back up and restore a lot faster and easier than we do now – and take up much less space. The monitoring system will define KPIs for our department so that we have measuring points for our performance. What’s cooking, what does management expect, do we fulfil expectations, can we meet the goals? I’m looking forward to this – it’s going to be a great year!

Describe the work culture

  • In my department, we know each other really well, because we work so closely with one another. We use each other’s strengths and knowledge. We know each other’s DiSC profiles, and we use that every day. There’s a lot of respect among us. You can have fun and make jokes – we all do that – but we still have a lot of respect for the things we do and our different competencies.
  • Everyone has the right and the duty to speak up – that’s a key value for JYSK. Of course, you get nowhere with just complaining but if you have the reasons to back up your points, you can change things – that’s one of the things I really like about this place.
  • You can just approach your manager’s manager – the door is always open, and there is always time to discuss things. Or you can talk things over with them at lunchtime. That’s great.
  • Sometimes we go out as a group – concerts or just visit some bars and have a few beers. We have fun!
  • The atmosphere here is really unique. You talk to everyone – you just sit down at a table with people you don’t know, any department, and you just talk and have fun. I think there is a unique team spirit here.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • You may easily get the surprise of your life when you start working in JYSK. I thought it would be a stiff organisation – you know, being so big and with Lars Larsen on top. I thought it would be managed from the top down, rather inflexible and hierarchical. But I was completely wrong – it’s the exact opposite! Even if we have about 600 different titles in JYSK, the hierarchy is really flat. That was really a surprise for me.

Work in Marketing

  • The overall purpose of the Marketing department is to develop the JYSK brand and attract customers to our stores – by developing, planning and launching marketing campaigns and initiatives for all the 19 JYSK NORDIC countries.
  • Join a creative and dynamic team that works closely with other JYSK departments.
  • Be part of a rapidly changing company and get the opportunity to influence JYSK marketing communication.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Marketing Department

  • Advertising and promotion, including TV commercials and in-store marketing.
  • Marketing planning and strategy.
  • Planning and development of marketing campaigns.
  • Commercial copywriting, translation and proofreading.
  • Event planning and management.
  • Graphic development and design.
  • Coordination with external agencies.
  • Commercial photography.
  • Design and production of signs, brochures, catalogues and online elements.
  • Branding and brand management.
  • Media planning and buying.
  • Close cooperation with other departments, especially E-business, Purchasing and Retail.

A position in Marketing is perfect for you if you…

  • Thrive in a dynamic and busy environment.
  • Have a sense of perspective and are able handle several tasks at the same time.
  • Appreciate working in a well-organised company with many structured work and project processes.
  • Work effectively in a team environment.
  • Enjoy working closely with colleagues from other fields or departments.
  • Dare to take responsibility and challenge yourself.
  • Have creative skills and an eye for innovative solutions.
  • Are a good colleague and a team player with a positive mindset.
  • Want to work with a large and successful brand within retail.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our Marketing Department and work culture by clicking "Meet Marc" - our Brand Manager who will describe what it is like to work in Marketing.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

We have many different positions in Marketing – I, for one, work as a Brand Manager.

What is it like to work in Marketing?

  • Things move really fast. We’re a super tanker going full throttle. You’ve got so many different things going on at the same time. I’ve never had a day where I’ve come into the office thinking: I wonder what I should do today? There’s always something to do, and you’re definitely never bored!
  • It is hugely satisfying to be part of the JYSK changes that take place right now. We are working on so many new and exciting – and different – branding tasks to support our ”Customer First” strategy. We believe that these initiatives may take JYSK to a new level. It is so great to be part of this journey!
  • We have a lot of cross-departmental tasks where relevant employees are involved – to ensure consistency in everything we send out.
  • Our tasks are widespread – for instance, when we make marketing materials for all JYSK stores around the world. Marketing will produce the materials, and they are distributed through our Retail Development department.
  • We have a lot of cross-organisational tasks. If, for instance, we design new packaging materials, we work closely with Sales, Purchasing and Business Applications. We do this to ensure the best possible quality for everyone: how do we ensure that the customer knows what’s in the package, what is the most practical way of handling the package, where should we put the barcode, how do we handle the package in our internal systems… etc. etc.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • JYSK is a company where new things are tried out. Everyone in the organisation is ready to adapt and think outside the box. But, of course, it takes time to bypass work routines to try out new things, see if they work etc. Innovation takes time, and that may be a challenge, because we have to finish our tasks no matter what.
  • It is important to prioritise your tasks and make an estimate of the time needed to do them. So that we’re sure that the moves we make are those that are most useful and fruitful.
  • Generally speaking, we have one marketing concept in all JYSK NORDIC countries. But this “one concept” policy is, of course, challenged by local traditions, rules, laws, cultural differences or just ways of doing things. But in general, we’re good at managing processes across country borders.

Your most important task this year?

  • The JYSK Apartment Project has taken up a lot of effort in marketing. This is one of the very initiatives that aim at showing a different JYSK perspective where we focus on giving our customers new inspiration and showing our products in a different context – and still present good offers. We try to show ourselves in a different light and communicate in a different way. The purpose is to try something completely different and hopefully change some customers’ perception of us: we want to show how smart our products are – at the well-known good price.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • We will be doing a JYSK Apartment Version 2. Our goal is to make a completely new concept once a year.
  • In addition, we have launched a major project of managing all our marketing materials. It is a process enhancement project with the purpose of optimising the way we handle marketing in the entire JYSK organisation – to ensure that we communicate our brand in the same way and through the same channels in all countries. In addition, we will be able to develop marketing materials that may be used in all markets.

Describe the work culture 

  • We have a lot of fun – even if we are busy, and things are hectic.
  • There is a great atmosphere – nobody beats around the bush. You face challenges when they hit you, and you work your way out of them.
  • In our department, people are very outgoing and great team-workers – after all, this is marketing!
  • We work a lot in groups and teams as most of our tasks require several competencies and input from different people.
  • What else? Well, it’s just an informal department with a lot of laughing going on.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • Because JYSK is a really exciting place to be right now – we have a strong brand but we’re not afraid of trying out new things. So there are lots of chances to make an impact and help ensure the future of JYSK.
  • Personally, I think we have a smashing culture with a really cool work environment.
  • In a lot of ways, we are very pragmatic – which really appeals to me. If you have a good point, people will listen, and you get the chance to influence most things.
  • And finally, JYSK is a huge company. The enormous machinery behind our stores… there are so many exciting things going on, and development potentials are just… well, the sky is the limit!

Work in Business Applications

  • The overall purpose of our Business Applications Department is to develop business processes that support the company's needs and procedures and subsequently design the IT solutions that support such processes - solutions that will be communicated to the IT Department where tools and software are developed.
  • Be one of the team linking IT with the rest of the organisation.
  • Join a team with good business sense and an important understanding of IT systems and solutions – a team that is able to act efficiently and effectively in the area between the two fields.

The Business Applications Department is a service function where hard questions are asked, and where different possible solutions for business needs are analysed. Next, business processes are created, and IT solutions are designed to best fit the needs of the business to enable it to develop in the best possible way.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Business Applications Department

  • Development of new concepts and procedures.
  • Business clarification: align and match needs and expectations with solution opportunities.
  • Description and clarification of process designs and solutions for the IT department.
  • Design of IT solutions to support all kinds of master data, flow of goods processes, marketing activities, quality control processes, online and cross-channel activities, reporting etc.
  • Generation of reports and guidelines for other departments.
  • Master data creation and management.
  • Design of cross-disciplinary systems and platforms.

A position in Business Applications is perfect for you if you …

  • Have a keen sense of business and a perfect understanding of IT systems and solutions – and you are able act in the area between the two fields.
  • Have an eye for defining the solutions that generate the most value in the long-term perspective.
  • Communicate well as the liaison between the IT department and the rest of the organisation.
  • Are independent and dare to take responsibility.
  • Are very detail-oriented and capable of getting things done.
  • Enjoy working in a busy and dynamic environment with a lot on your plate.
  • Are cooperative and a positive team player.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about the department and our work culture by clicking "Meet one of our employees" - our colleague who will describe what it is like it is to work in Business Applications.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in Business Applications, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • You can’t just go ahead and make a change. There are many parties who must be involved in the processes so you have to have patience sometimes – and that may be a challenge.
  • Our efforts get more and more complex because we have several sales channels that use the same data. Many countries must follow one specific process to ensure the best possible work routines.
  • Big wheels are turning every time we develop new processes. If mistakes are made, it’s critical that we pinpoint them as early as possible. If not, consequences may be enormous, and they will take time to repair. So we have to follow the rules and stay focused.
  • Take, for instance, the global Forecast & Replenishment project which is currently underway. This project consists of countless complicated processes – most of them are critical to the everyday operations of our company. If the forecasts are too incorrect or maybe even absent all together, our stores will not receive the goods required to adequately service our many customers.
  • As a recent graduate, another potentially challenging aspect has been the transition from the familiar routines as a student to a full time employee at JYSK. However, even though the routines are different and the responsibilities are much greater it has been an easy transition. It is thanks to the helpfulness and openness of my many new colleagues whom I encounter on a daily basis.

What is your most important task this year?

  • I have primarily been working on the large scale implementation of our new Forecast & Replenishment solution. The purpose of this program is to reach a higher level of automisation in relation to the stores ordering process.
  • Besides the F&R project I have been involved in several smaller projects related to various different parts of JYSK. As a result, I quickly feel as though I am becoming more and more familiar with the intricate workings of this complex organisation.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • Due to the sheer size and complexity of the F&R project this will continue to be my primary focus point throughout the coming year. However, I will also be given the opportunity to branch out and take part in projects related to fields that I am less familiar with. This might be BI projects which broaden my horizon and develop my professional skill set.

My experience as a fresh graduate working at JYSK

  • Landing your first job as a graduate can seem scary and confusing at times. This was also the case when I started working at JYSK as a Business Specialist Trainee. Due to my limited experience I was unsure if I could live up to the expectations.  However, after having been presented with my extensive introduction program and my friendly and sympathetic colleagues my mind was put at ease. Even though I am constantly presented with challenges that can seem boundless at times, I always know where to go when I need assistance. As a result, the challenges no longer seem impossible to overcome. 
  • I am constantly presented with new challenges and awarded more and more responsibility. This means that I continually have the opportunity to develop my professional skills. As a result, I must say that I have learned more during the first five months at JYSK than I did throughout several years attending university. 

Work in Purchasing

  • The overall purpose of the Purchasing Department is to manage the selection of articles: finding the right product at the right price for our customers and make sure we have articles that match our different quality levels (Basic, Plus & Gold).
  • Consequently, Purchasing is responsible for tasks ranging from the design and introduction of new products based on future trends to the selection of high-quality materials and the decision to discontinue articles. That is why the department has three sub-divisions – and you will see a detailed description of each by clicking the menu buttons below:
    • Commercial Purchasing
    • Flow of Goods
    • Product Safety and Quality

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Category management: manage, optimise and customise a profitable product range in the JYSK NORDIC countries.
  • Definition of a relevant selection of goods based on style and current trends in the individual countries.
  • Fixing of appropriate price points without compromising the quality of the article.
  • Close corporation with all JYSK departments, e.g.:
    • Sales - where campaigns papers are made, and prices for the local markets are set.
    • Marketing - where the specific campaign themes, e.g. Black Friday, are conceptualised.
    • Retail – where the army of store staff is.
  • Strategic purchasing: get the best possible benefit for the cost of buying materials.
  • Administrative tasks: handle the paperwork generated by the purchasing and delivery of goods and materials.
  • Evaluation of material costs and production of goods in order to maximise profitability.
  • B2B cooperation with suppliers and business partners, ensuring and maintaining strong relations.
  • Set-up and management of new inventory items.

A position in Commercial Purchasing is perfect for you if you...

  • Thrive and can keep a cool head in a busy and dynamic environment.
  • Are able to assume responsibility and argue for your ideas and points.
  • Have a good commercial mindset and are able to see the big picture.
  • Can cooperate and communicate with many different people and departments.
  • Are detail-oriented, acknowledging that your work - and mistakes - affect several other departments.
  • Enjoy working in teams and contributing to a culture in which we respect each other's results and competencies.

Get to know us and find out what we can offer you

Learn more about our work culture by reading the following section "Meet Ruben", in which our colleague will describe what it is like to work in Commercial Purchasing.

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If you have any questions about working in our Purchasing department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

Meet Ruben

Purchasing has many different positions – there are close to 60 people in our department. I am a Category Manager for mattresses. Each of our product areas has a considerable turnover, so we’re all in charge of big business. We have a major part of the responsibility for running each category, e.g., to select and develop mattresses for the JYSK assortment and implement the process through the JYSK chain structure.

Basically, it’s my responsibility that our customers understand and trust our articles – and decide to buy from us and not from our competitors. So I have to develop the right article – but it is just as important to ensure that my colleague who is in charge of selling the mattress in, say, Bucharest, understands and trusts the quality of the article and the supplier and is able to translate this into a convincing customer experience.

What is it like to work in Commercial Purchasing?

  • You have so much influence so you can indeed put your mark on the organisation – both as far as articles are concerned and for concepts and structures. It’s a first-class motivator that you see the results of your efforts in the stores and our campaign papers.
  • You work with so many different people and nationalities during the purchasing process – and just generally every day. So you must be able to communicate well and work well with other people and create results with so many different people profiles.
  • We have many different profiles in Purchasing so we must be able to make the most of each other’s strengths and skills and balance things so that we have a common language and output.
  • JYSK gives you the freedom to do so many things so you have every chance to widen your field of expertise and try out new things or procedures.
  • In general, we’re a hectic and busy department – the reason being that our tasks are very complex, and we have an impact on so many other parts of the organisation. If we make mistakes, it has major consequences – so you have to keep a cool head. But on the other hand, it’s just so cool to have so much responsibility and influence on such a large part of the company.
  • JYSK is developing so fast. We’re trying to re-position ourselves in the market and introduce more trendy articles than what our customers are used to – goes for colours, styles and materials. That is a major thing for us, and it’s just so exciting to be part of these efforts.
  • We interface with so many other JYSKies so we have a lot of internal meetings – you know, to ensure that we streamline our efforts across the organisation. Of course, purchasers also have many outside meetings with our suppliers.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • It used to be that ”a good price” was enough, but it’s not like that anymore. Colour, quality and materials are also important for the consumers of the 2010’es. It’s not critical that we are first movers, but we must know what’s cooking. It may be a challenge to raise the general quality of our articles without raising the prices beyond ’a good offer’ – and that’s what we are to our customers!
  • Many of the decisions taken in Purchasing have an impact on the rest of the organisation so consequences are big. This is true for both the technical article data and the communication with our colleagues on features like the particularly fancy textiles, the latex of the top mattress or the latest and greatest springs in our top-of-the-line elevation bed. This may, of course, be a challenge for a department where everyone is so busy, and where decisions need to be made right away.
  • It’s not everything that we manage to implement in a short timeframe because our decisions involve so many different parties – so you have to prioritise and structure your initiatives.
  • We have so many things going on all the time. The way from selecting articles to selling them in the stores is long. We must know local markets and what’s cooking in both Denmark, Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic. Sleep culture differs tremendously between countries. At the same time, we have to make sure that our suppliers offer us the right articles at the right prices – and ensure that the entire organisation is okay with our plans.

Your most important task this year?

  • We have made a major upgrade of our assortment across all countries – it’s been a major puzzle to make all the pieces fit. Right article. Right quality. Right price. Best possible communication with Sales, Marketing and stores. Right supplier – choosing from existing partners and building new, solid relations. The new articles were launched in the Summer of 2015. We’re proud of the articles in our stores, and our customers have welcomed them! Important task, good process and great, visible results!

Describe the work culture 

  • Our department consists of a team made up of many different profiles. In my opinion, we use that to our advantage so that we make the most of each other’s competencies and strengths in the best possible way.
  • We’re an international organisation with a solid structure and a committed workforce – and a well-functioning cooperation across all countries. We manage our assortment in all countries, and we adjust it to the extent necessary. This means that we interact with people in all country organisations who run local stores in, e.g., Norway, Poland, Romania or Ukraine.
  • JYSK is a very flat organisation where we’re all equal. If you meet the boss in the hallway, you say hi. All doors are open, and there is room for new ideas. All employees are encouraged to use their right and duty to speak up – no matter whether you’re an apprentice or a manager. We need all the good ideas – regardless who came up with them.
  • Our department has a very informal way of speaking – with lots of good humour and laughing (mostly J).
  • We are good at sharing our knowledge and use each other’s attitudes and opinions when we select, e.g., the colour of new textiles, legs for box spring mattresses or colours for a mattress zipper. We trust each other!
  • Everyone likes their colleagues, and we’re happy to be here so there is always a good atmosphere in the department – so it’s always great to go to work!

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • You have freedom with responsibility – no matter what your position is. You are responsible for your own area, you’re considered an important part of the company so you have so many chances to make a difference and have an influence on the company and your own workday.
  • JYSK is a global company with extensive knowledge, competencies and experiences. If you want, you can travel a lot and meet new people – internally and externally.
  • You really develop so much from working at JYSK – you’re allowed to cover everything within your area, so you acquire so much knowledge.
  • There’s room for everyone in JYSK – so you can just be yourself, quite simply.
  • There is a great team spirit, good colleagues – we’re all on the same team.
  • JYSK is an extremely well-oiled company based on fixed concepts and a solid structure, so there is always a platform to work from. All processes are described so you know what to do and where to go. But JYSK wants continuous development, so if you know a better way to get from A to B, then the process will be reviewed.
  • We have many stores and so much going on behind the scenes. And you have to multiply that by x number of countries. So you’re not on your own, you work closely with your colleagues across departments. You can just reach out, and there’ll always be lots of competent colleagues to help you and guide you.

The overall purpose of Flow of Goods is to ensure that we receive the right goods, in the right quantities, at the right time and at the right place. This is achieved by close cooperation with other JYSK departments, the Distribution Centres and - last but not least - our suppliers.

Flow of Goods is divided into three subsections:

  • Forecasting: lay the cornerstones for the department by preparing and maintaining forecasts and tender quantities.
  • Replenishment: manage order portfolios, working closely with our suppliers, and perform demand management.
  • Shipping: ensure the best possible contracts with sea freight suppliers and efficient operation of container freight.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Ensure a high delivery service to the stores while keeping the total stock value at the Distribution Centres in line with the stock budget.
  • Manage order portfolio by placing and postponing orders depending on sales development.
  • Strengthen the existing order portfolio by reacting to direct and indirect information from our agents and suppliers and by adapting our purchases to a constantly changing environment, e.g. by increasing safety stock on high-impact articles, considering possible production delays and campaign sales that exceed  expectations, etc.
  • Review - with Category Managers – new articles periodically and compare actual article sales with estimates. The JYSK and the supplier sales forecasts are adjusted accordingly for the remaining part of the year/season and for the following year/season.
  • Manage and interact with suppliers regarding orders and quantities.
  • Perform demand management in close cooperation with Sales & Expansion regarding articles that have sold more or less than expected with the purpose of including or excluding them from future campaigns.
  • Plan and check that we have sufficient quantities of goods in stock to cover upcoming campaigns.
  • Re-evaluate orders and forecasts if/when conditions change.
  • Communicate container forecasts to sea freight suppliers and ensure that potential bottleneck issues are handled.
  • Ensure that sea freight capacity is in line with JYSK needs and that operational issues are handled.
  • Ensure competitive sea freight rates.

A position in Flow of Goods is perfect for you if you...

  • Are motivated by assuming responsibility of a well-defined area where the effect of your actions may be directly measured in the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Enjoy working with and analysing a large amount of data.
  • Are a structured and detail-oriented person.
  • Are good at prioritizing and completing your tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Are calm and rational and dare to take responsibility and make quick decisions.
  • Can contribute to the development of new processes.
  • Have strong communication skills and are able to navigate in an environment with many stakeholders.

Get to know us and find out what we can offer you

Learn more about our work culture by reading the following section "Meet Andreas", our colleague who will describe what it is like to work in Flow of Goods.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in Flow of Goods in our Purchasing department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department at

Meet Andreas

I work as a Replenishment Planner in the "Bed linen & sheets" product area.

What is it like to work in the Replenishment section of Flow of Goods?

  • We are the central point of the delivery chain – we have close contacts both upstream and downstream to Purchasing, Sales & Expansion, Distribution Centres and all our suppliers. It is exciting to be the link between so many different departments and have the total view of the supply chain. But at the same time it requires an awful lot of coordination to have so many contacts with so many different interested parties.
  • Planning is an essential part of our workdays, and you must be able to evaluate various parameters, assumptions and prerequisites – and consider them carefully before you decide to place an order.
  • We have a very high degree of individual responsibility and independence. We have an overall goal that all of us work towards, but each employee has his own area of responsibility and is responsible for reaching his goals.
  • Figures and large amounts of data is an important part of our department so the effect of our efforts is easy to measure. It’s a great motivating factor for me that you can constantly measure how you’re doing and see the effect of your actions and decisions – well, on a day-to-day basis, actually.
  • Our workdays are split between recurring tasks – which are, however, rather unpredictable and often depend on seasons. Some tasks are weekly, some are done every two weeks, some happen once a month and some only once a year. So in our department, you’re only fully trained when you have gone through an entire year. At the same time, our varying areas of responsibility have different seasons, and we often help each other so your share of joint tasks increase when you’re “not in season” and decrease when you have to plan YOUR main season.
  • As mentioned previously, we have a lot of individual responsibility, which is also reflected in the faith JYSK puts in you. From Day One you’re given the responsibility for a lot of resources – which is a really great idea, but you may be a bit nervous to begin with when you’re in charge of so much money. As you become experienced, it’ll be more natural for you. But it is a constant reminder of the responsibility you carry – and how much a mistake may cost.
  • As JYSK is an international company, we stay in touch with not only Danish stores and suppliers, but to a large extent also foreign partners, colleagues and suppliers. It is always exciting to work across so many countries with so many different cultures.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • The biggest challenge that we face is to find the balance between having enough articles in stock and having too many. We must always ensure that we can meet customer demands but do not exceed the capacity of our Distribution Centres.
  • We have clear goals, but as we work with campaign perspectives of 70-80 days, delivery times of up to 150 days, and constant changes in market conditions, it is a challenge to see which way we need to take to get to the goal. Every day we have to make the right decisions: which and how many articles should we order several months ahead of campaigns? But then again – that’s what makes my job so exciting! You never quite know what tomorrow will be like – and if you have to change your strategy.
  • We segment our assortment according to the expected life cycle and season of the article – this means that we have several articles that are delivered for Christmas or Summer, and they bypass the normal flow of goods. We base the major part of our forecasting on historical figures and trends – so it may be quite a job to make estimates and profiles for articles that have not been part of the assortment since the previous season. You know, the market this year is not necessarily the same as last year! 
  • And the same is true when new articles are introduced. It may be hard to foresee the impact of the new article on the existing assortment and to judge whether articles will sell well, since we don’t have any historical data to refer to. We have a good forecasting process – but sometimes we see figures that nobody had expected.

Your most important task this year?

  • As mentioned previously, we have two primary goals in our department. We must make sure that customers have access to all the articles they want, and we must stay within stock budgets. Last year we changed our tactics so that we have longer perspectives on our orders, work in a more structured way with our suppliers and send orders to suppliers ahead of time to allow them more time to prepare. Last year, this resulted in a really good delivery rate on Bed linen & sheets, but a way too low rate of turnover in the stockroom because one of the risks of placing orders early is that demand may change substantially before delivery. That’s what we learned last year, so this year we want to balance things to ensure that articles are still in stock, but the stockroom turnover rate is what we want it to be.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • We aim for the same high delivery rate, and then we need to reduce the average stock rate. In addition, we want to maintain the good relations with our current suppliers and ensure that new suppliers are introduced in a good way to our processes.
  • Next year, we want to make a new security stock concept – to ensure that security stock increasingly reflect supply variance and not just demand variance. We also want to enable individual Replenishment Planners to adjust the security stock for individual suppliers or articles.

Describe the work culture 

  • In general, the JYSK culture is very informal, and that is also true of our department. This means that even if we have a very busy workday, we still have time for small-talk and jokes and for taking an interest in each other’s lives.
  • There is a really good cooperation between our three sub-divisions: Forecasting, Replenishment and Shipping – people help each other out, and we work as a group. This means that there is a lot of team spirit – you enjoy going to work.

Why should others choose to work in Flow of Goods?

  • I believe that the responsibility you’re given from Day One is much bigger her than in other companies – there are not that many of us, so you quickly become one of the gang and take your share of responsibilities.
  • Flow of Goods in JYSK is more prominent than in other companies – people listen to us.
  • You’re like the spider in the web – or in the supply chain. And that’s one of the great things of working here.

The overall purpose of Product Safety and Quality is to ensure that all JYSK products, including packaging, meet the legal, environmental, quality and CSR requirements of all JYSK countries.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

Product Safety and Quality have three key areas: Quality, Product Safety and CSR.


  • Monitor and follow up on quality reports in quality management.
  • Follow up to reduce claims on all product categories.
  • Arrange pre-shipment inspections with external inspections companies.
  • Follow up – via QC – at DC to ensure the quality of incoming goods.
  • Improve the quality perception of JYSK products.
  • Optimise packaging solutions to comply with EU/national regulation and internal requirements.
  • Optimise labelling of products/cartons/pallets to achieve a more stable flow of goods and information.
  • Ensure correct and easy-to-understand assembly instructions and manuals.
  • Participate in projects on quality management, controlling and quality setup to develop JYSK standards.
  • Ensure that complaints procedures function across national borders.
  • Control complaints procedures/handling.
  • Ensure a spare-part concept/flow that allows ordering and delivery of spare parts externally and internally.
  • Act on quality reports regarding quality, labelling and packaging.

Product Safety

  • Ensure that all assorted JYSK articles meet the legal requirements for product safety in all JYSK countries, including proactively ensuring compliance with the requirements of new JYSK countries.
  • Assume responsibility for setting up routine testing/spot checking of critical items.
  • Train purchasers in routines and new demands on individual product areas.
  • Handle REACH regulation (chemical regulation). Ensure the presence and timely registration of REACH legislation documents.



  • Ensure compliance with BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative, the purpose of which is to improve working conditions in supplying factories), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests) and other CSR issues related to the supply chain.
  • Follow up on BSCI, FSC and other CSR issues related to the supply chain.
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring and setting up of strategies regarding all CSR issues in the supply chain.
  • Inform suppliers by updating JYSK Supplier Guidelines on Quality, Product Safety and CSR.


A position in Product Safety and Quality is perfect for you if you ...

  • Are detail-oriented and have a systematic approach to your tasks.
  • Communicate well with a wide range of different people profiles.
  • Enjoy being part of a busy and dynamic environment.
  • Learn quickly and are eager to acquire new skills.
  • Have a nose for technical issues and a broad level of knowledge and competencies within IT.
  • Dare to take action and responsibility.

Get to know us and find out what we can offer you

Learn more about our work culture and work environment by reading the following section "Meet Pia" - our colleague who will describe what it is like to work in Product Safety and Quality.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in Products Safety and Quality in our Purchasing department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department at

Meet Pia

I work as a Compliance Specialist with JYSK. My areas of responsibility is product safety, legal aspects, market monitoring, social responsibility and sustainable forestry. My job is to determine specific product requirements and ethics for our articles, communicate this to our suppliers and ensure that all suppliers meet such requirements. I interface with a lot of people in JYSK at all levels, and I have a close working relationship with our suppliers, various organisations and authorities.

What is it like to work in Product Safety and Quality?

  • We work with facts, and we focus on must-haves and nice-to-haves.
  • We have so many different tasks so this job is very comprehensive.
  • A busy and exciting workday with lots of challenges. Great potentials for professional and personal development.
  • We are a good team with a lot of respect for our differences. We help each other, and we pull together.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • We work with many people – internally and externally. We communicate with many different internal departments, suppliers, test institutes, organisations and authorities. You have to be a really good communicator.
  • We have many different types of tasks. You must be able to handle several things at the same time.
  • When we set requirements and make decisions, it is important that you are 100 % sure – even if you have to make a decision fast. Our decisions have an impact on many links of our supply chain.
  • We have busy days, and some tasks require us to dig into the details – but we still have to make sure that operations are up and running.
  • You must be able to distinguish clearly between must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Your most important task this year – and what is in the pipeline for next year?

  • Our main focus is quality.
  • We are developing quality standards and minimum standards on all product areas. We work in detail with all products and describe our requirements in detail. It is a major project so we will focus on it next year also. We want to be able to make a good offer in the best possible quality.

Describe the work culture

  • We have a very informal way of speaking to each other in the department. And even though we are busy, we take an interest in each other’s work, we help each other, and there is always room for a good laugh.
  • We work closely with our purchasers – we’re very much at the centre of everything. Other departments listen to us. 
  • We focus on quality. We are making a major transformation with lots of possibilities to design the future.
  • We have different backgrounds but we have a lot of respect for each other’s professional knowledge – and we use our different skills whenever we can.
  • There is a good atmosphere in our department. Even if we’re busy, we take things as they come – with a twinkle in the eye.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • JYSK is a global company with stores in numerous countries – so you get a unique opportunity to get experience from different markets.
  • JYSK is a company with many professional and personal challenges – if you want them.
  • JYSK has a very flat organisation with an informal way of communicating. We have the right and the duty to speak up – good ideas are welcome, and you always have a chance to influence the organisation.
  • Product Safety and Quality is a department with high priority – we’re part of a massive development with the potentials to set the framework for the future.

Work in E-business

  • E-business is an independent department that acts as the link between Marketing/Sales and IT Development.
  • The purpose of the E-business department is to create and coordinate advertising platforms, content and online marketing solutions.
  • Today, our customer starts his purchasing journey online – so online advertising solutions to support this journey are extremely important. That is why the overall purpose of the E-business department is to develop and improve JYSK’s digital performance.
  • With more than 100 million visitors on our websites each year, we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on a large number of potential customers. 

Tasks and responsibilities of the E-business Department

  • Participate in the development of online content, blogs and newsletters, advertising platforms and e-commerce solutions, supporting JYSK's marketing initiatives.
  • Deliver a seamless cross-channel shopping experience on all platforms.
  • Build advertising solutions and approach marketing with a “mobile first” mindset, in order to achieve a complete responsive design every time.
  • Improve and support our online marketing processes by focusing on blueline across different media.
  • Coordinate and manage online campaigns and platforms in the Drupal CMS system.
  • Increase customers’ awareness of the JYSK image through handling and developing SoMe and digital marketing activities.
  • Coordinate content across our online channels.
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing and remarketing (Google Adwords).
  • Monitor and track online traffic and conversions in Google Analytics.
  • Evaluate the performance of online marketing initiatives.
  • Handle email marketing and maintenance of social media channels in all JYSK countries.

A position in E-business is perfect for you if you ...

  • Have an understanding of the background of e-commerce solutions, their options and their impact on the online marketing processes.
  • Have a natural interest in e-business and in staying up-to-date with new trends and tendencies.
  • Enjoy working in a busy and dynamic environment with many ad-hoc tasks.
  • Are industrious and efficient.
  • Are able to work independently.
  • Are willing to take responsibility for your own projects and follow up on them.
  • Have good communication skills that allow you to function as an intermediary between different parties.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our E-business Department and work culture by clicking "Meet one of our employees" - our colleague who will describe what it is like to work in E-business.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in our E-business department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

What is it like to work in E-business?

  • We have our separate areas of responsibility so you get a lot of responsibility and influence.
  • We communicate frequently in the team and across departments through meetings and other informal channels – especially with Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and IT.
  • Everything we do must have a global perspective and must be adjusted so it will work in all 20 countries. Our job is to create the templates that must be communicated and coordinated for customisation in each country and market. We have a broad people interface, and we communicate a lot across departments and countries.
  • It’s exciting to participate in the digital journey, especially in some of the countries in Eastern Europe where the digital habits of the population are somewhat different from Scandinavia.
  • The decision process is short, so things move fast, and you have a lot of influence. You’re involved, and if you have a good point, people listen to you. You have all the chances you want of having influence.
  • Good ideas are seldom refused. Actually, I think it’s rather unique for JYSK that they’re so ready to test many different things, projects and campaigns. You have so many opportunities to make an impact on things and create new procedures – I really appreciate that.
  • We’re busy in a good way – in general, we work a lot in our department so we have to be fast and effective.

What are the Challenge that you meet in your position?

  • Things are really moving in our department. Tasks continue to come so you have to stay focused even when things are hectic. You must be able to manage your time and prioritise your tasks.
  • The online market moves fast so you must have a natural interest in digital matters and pay attention to market developments – and how we use such developments to our advantage.
  • We often function as the link between two parties. When, for instance, Marketing wants to launch a campaign on a new platform, it is our job to communicate their creative and functional needs to developers. Marketing people and IT developers are kind of two different races so that may be a challenge. 

What is your most important task this year?

  • During the past year we have been working on several large projects in E-business – one of the largest and most important one for our team was the design update of our webshop. This task was done in cooperation with Marketing to ensure that we communicate the same visual identity across all our channels.
  • We have been improving our internal training programs for the IT systems that we are responsible for, to make sure that all new employees in JYSK Nordic are well educated in the IT systems that they will be using on an everyday basis.
  • The past year we’ve focused on the entire customer journey and our seamless cross-channel strategy – which basically means linking stores and our online presence to ensure that we focus on our customers and that our customers will have the same experience with JYSK regardless of sales channel.

What is the pipeline for next year?

  • We will be working on improving the user experience of our check out flows across all countries, to make the customer journey more seamless.
  • We are going to open new webshops in both Belgium and China.
  • Increase traffic and sales through our web shop, newsletters, Facebook and Instagram.

What is the work culture in your department?

  • Ours is a department with a lot of influence and many chances to impact the JYSK online campaigns and presence – and thus also the overall online performance of JYSK.
  • Limits are wide so you can say what you’re thinking and get the chance to try things out.
  • We communicate not only across departments, but also across countries so it is indeed an international environment.
  • We are very informal in our department. We have a good time, and there is always room for a good laugh.
  • The JYSK culture is quite unique. Even though it’s a global company, the distance from top management to individual employees is very short.

What’s your career development in E-business so far?

  • In the 4th semester of my bachelor, I did a fulltime internship in E-business. During my internship I was very surprised to see how much an Intern at JYSK was involved in the daily tasks and projects. Even as an Intern I was very quickly handed my own projects and a lot of responsibilities, which made me feel as a natural part of the team.  
  • After the internship I was hired as a part time Student Helper in the department. It was great to be able to working as a student helper in E-Business department while studying. Because the part time job functioned as a nice weekly break away from the books and lectures, moreover it was at the same time a great opportunity for me to use all the school theory in practice.
  • When I finished my bachelor, I started as a full time Project Coordinator in the E-business department. One of my main responsibilities in this position is to manage the tasks and projects that help to develop and improve our corporate and national websites. It is my job to define and create tasks, as well as handling the process of the tasks in close cooperation with web developers.   

Why should others choose to work in E-Business?

  • JYSK is an extremely well-organised company with clear work procedures and processes – which makes it easy when you’re introduced to new tasks.
  • JYSK has a clear strategy that covers everyone and makes it easy to see your results.
  • The growth we see these years is extremely healthy and profitable, and that means that you often get to be involved in new exciting tasks. And that in itself is a great way to enhance your career opportunities within the company.


Work in Sales & Expansion (S&E)

  • The overall purpose of the Sales & Expansion Department (S&E) is to ensure sales and profitability, mainly through campaign activities and pricing. S&E manage JYSK's marketing budget and resources to ensure the best possible promotion and choice of advertising media. Next steps include the follow-up, reporting and evaluation of the performance of marketing initiatives.
  • In S&E you will be part of an international team that works closely with other JYSK departments and countries.

Tasks and responsibilities of the S&E Department

  • Handle the pricing of app. 4,000 articles per country (regular as well as campaign prices).
  • Perform market surveillance and competitor analysis.
  • Manage the marketing budget in order to ensure the best possible promotion and choice of advertising media.
  • Coordinate the production of campaign papers, including choice of articles, prioritisation, content production in the form of text, logos and images, and final proofreading.
  • Work closely with retail in the individual countries to ensure the best possible implementation and execution of marketing activities in the stores.
  • Follow up on and evaluate the performance of marketing initiatives.
  • Ensure that the marketing budget and resources are used in the best possible way based on our annual activity calendar and prioritisation of the different activities.
  • Work closely with Retail on marketing activities that must be visual and supported in the stores.
  • Assume responsibility for choosing articles for TV commercials, radio commercials (in some countries), front pages for websites and email newsletters.
  • Handle reporting and ‘number crunching’ on daily, monthly, quarterly and annual sales and campaign performances.
  • Work closely with Flow of Goods to ensure that we focus on the appropriate selection of goods in campaigns and make relevant price adjustments based on sales and stock levels. 

A position in S&E is perfect for you if you...

  • Have a commercial mindset and get a kick out of scrutinising sales figures every morning.
  • Take ownership of your sales figures and evaluate on performance based on your actions.
  • Enjoy working with and analysing numbers in Excel, by means of our BI system.
  • Have a very systematic and thorough approach to your work.
  • Are result-oriented and have the mentality of a winner.
  • Want to work in an international and multi-cultural environment.
  • Have strong communication skills and can adjust your communication to cultural differences.
  • Are detail-oriented and a perfectionist to the extent of recognising that mistakes made in S&E have major consequences for many other departments.
  • Are a team player.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our department and work culture by clicking "Meet Sarah" - our colleague who will describe what it is like to work in S&E.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in our Sales & Expansion Department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

I work as a Sales Manager for the Swedish market. Simply stated, my job is to make sure that our prices, assortment and marketing efforts are adapted for our Swedish customers.

What is it like to work in the S&E department?

  • In S&E, you get full responsibility for the figures of your country, for close to 1,000 campaign paper pages a year, and 9 different product areas. If you’re willing to assume responsibility, you’ll get responsibility – and that gives you the chance to leave your mark on things.
  • We work a lot in small teams – for instance, four people share the responsibility for one country, and we all refer to a Head of Sales who is responsible for three countries. So you work at two levels – with your country team and with your regional team.
  • We have meetings every month where the whole group will get together and discuss the figures of all the 19 JYSK countries.
  • The cool thing about our department is that you can easily measure your performance and explain data-driven decisions. It’s very easy to see how you’re doing, and we have access to endless amounts of figures.
  • We have really good tools for the analysis. We can retrieve all the figures we need from our BI system.
  • It’s just wonderful to be part of an international team with so many different nationalities, cultures and personalities.
  • we communicate internationally on behalf of other departments because our department have language competencies. If Purchasing wants to tell stores to remove a cushion, we will get the info in English, translate it and pass it on to all countries.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • In our line of business, the main challenge is that challenges are external – you know, macro factors that we cannot do much about. Could be fluctuating exchange rates, bad summer weather which has a negative effect on the sale of garden furniture, changes in consumer attitudes, trends etc.
  • In addition, we just so very busy. Everyone has enough on their plates, and we have to constantly prioritise – particularly when someone shows up with an ad-hoc task that has a very short deadline. It’s quite a challenge to always have to judge what’s most important, and what you need to do ASAP.
  • When you’re first hired, the challenge probably is that we have our very own set-up, and you only grasp it when you’re in it. But we have a great mentor programme for new employees, so it’s not a problem.

Your most important task this year?

  • Our campaign papers will always be a major task.
  • Apart from that, we focus a lot on our pricing in relation to the macro factors influenced by the rise in the dollar. Simply put, it has squeezed our profits because we buy a substantial part of our products in dollars. So we have spent much more time than usual on pricing.
  • Last but not least, we have worked a lot with short-term event-related campaign activities, for instance, ”Weekend without VAT”, “Mattress Night” etc. We’d like to do more of this.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • Something we call "Responsible Tradesmen" among ourselves. We want to promote good tradesmanship – you know, optimise and share knowledge to ensure that all of us are good tradesmen. We have various training sessions where we pick each other’s brains and share important knowledge. We want to ensure that when a Sales Manager has a great idea, the rest of us hear about it and we share it with all relevant countries. We want to focus more on "intelligent tradesmanship" through monthly knowledge-sharing sessions in which we share positive and negative experience to determine the best way to go.

Describe the work culture 

  • We work a lot in teams.
  • Our department is characterised by an international and very versatile culture – we are very different people.
  • If you want responsibility, you’ll get it – so you have every chance to put your mark on the figures.
  • We’re one of the largest departments in JYSK, but our way of talking is really informal – just the way JYSK is.
  • People really put a lot of time and effort into their jobs. We’re very efficient and effective, but we still have room for being good colleagues and for laughing and having a good time.
  • You simply can’t avoid getting involved and feel that you are part of a team and part of a department.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • JYSK has the best introduction programmes in the world – everything is planned, and you start on Day One with meetings in your calendar. So in just a few days or weeks you’ve met all the people that are relevant for you to know.
  • JYSK is a top-professional company that has all the analytical tools you need to be as effective as possible. We have business controllers for each department to help you become familiar with systems.
  • JYSK is a rock-solid international company. We are continuously expanding, and you have so many chances to work with foreign cultures and markets.
  • If you want to, you have every opportunity you could hope for to make your way up the career ladder.
  • We’re simply just great J

Work in Communications

  • Communications is responsible for both internal communication (support JYSK culture) and external communication (strengthen the JYSK reputation).
  • Handle corporate communication on behalf of the entire JYSK organisation and create content and templates for the JYSK countries to use for local communications purposes.
  • Public relations, content creation, media monitoring and honest communication.
  • Preparation and communication of JYSK CSR strategies.
  • Be part of a dynamic environment where no two days are alike.
  • Work with all communications-related tasks.

Tasks and responsibilities of Communications

  • Ensure JYSK's goal of being an open and honest organisation that responds to both positive and negative publicity.
  • Communicate strategic initiatives to ensure that both JYSK staff and external stakeholders understand them.
  • Manage and produce content for the JYSK staff magazine GO JYSK which is published four times a year for all employees.
  • Handle Public Relations in general.
  • Handle the press and monitor the media to enable us to react to any type of press coverage.
  • Write and produce content about JYSK for all JYSK websites - especially
  • Assume responsibility for CSR Strategy, CSR Communication and reporting.
  • Handle sponsorships and communication about different initiatives.
  • Produce the text content for the annual summary.

A position in Communications is perfect for you if you…

  • Are good at communicating with people at eye level and adapt your communication strategy to the recipient and the situation.
  • Aare to challenge yourself and take responsibility for your own tasks and follow up on them.
  • Enjoy working in a dynamic and busy environment.
  • Have the ability to work both independently and in close cooperation with your colleagues.
  • Are creative in gathering information and producing content.
  • Are able to plan and schedule your time, prioritise your tasks and accept that incoming ad-hoc tasks will require you to reschedule.
  • Are able to make the most of the huge internal network of the organisation, understanding and recognising that Communications represents and speaks for all JYSK employees.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our department and work culture by clicking "Meet Laura" - our Communications and CSR Coordinator who will describe what it is like to work in Communications.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in our Communications Department, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

I work as a Communications and CSR Coordinator in the JYSK Communications department. We’re a small team of four people.

What is it like to work in Communications?

  • It’s great to work with communications in JYSK because it is such a big company with ties to many different cultures. That gives you positive challenges, and you learn a lot.
  • The publishing of our staff magazine GO JYSK is an important task. We have so many stores in so many countries, and GO JYSK carries our culture and makes us feel as one across borders and nationalities. In addition, GO JYSK communicates the company history and strategy in a way that makes it relevant for all of us. 
  • We have so many different tasks, and that makes it exciting and varied to go to work. As there are only four of us in the department, you have a lot of responsibilities. So you can indeed put your mark on things.
  • When we talk to the media, we do it on behalf of JYSK, and you have to keep that at the back of your mind. We handle the communication that covers the entire organisation across all countries – and we develop templates for individual countries to use when they talk to local media. This is a way to ensure consistent communication no matter which country makes an announcement.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • You must have a good understanding of different cultures. We have to create communication that works across country borders.
  • We need to incorporate many different angles into our communication – to ensure that the message gets across to different audiences, e.g., customers, JYSK employees and the media.
  • We have a lot of exciting challenges. When your phone rings, you never know if it is a question you have to answer or a task you have to take care of. So sometimes you have a rather hectic and unpredictable workday – but then again, that’s also one of the reasons why it’s fun to go to work. No two days are alike. But you have to like the fact that the plans you made at the beginning of the day certainly look different at lunchtime.

 Describe the work culture 

  • We work very closely with one another. We help each other reach our goals.
  • As we work with communication, it’s important that you know what’s cooking – what’s going on in different aspects of the entire organisation. So we need an extensive internal network, and we work with people across all departments. Yes, we certainly interface with a lot of people in the organisation. 

Work in Finance

  • Finance NORDIC designs processes and IT systems for the decentralised finance departments and shared finance centres – and support them to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  • Finance plays a key role in valuable business intelligence.
  • Be responsible for many very different types of tasks and less routine.
  • Perfect for you if you enjoy the combination of IT and finance, with a focus on developing and optimising IT systems and procedures that support the operational tasks of the financial departments.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Finance Department

  • Develop and optimise procedures and IT systems in the financial area (mainly SAP).
  • Perform risk assessment and ensure that internal financial controls are adequate.
  • Support decentralised finance departments and shared finance centres in SAP use, internal rules and SAP BI.
  • Design management reporting for all management levels.
  • Ensure compliance with internal rules and policies within finance and accounting.
  • Ensure that key figures and data match business needs and have a high level of quality.
  • Roll out the SAP Business Object reporting tools.

A position in Finance is perfect for you if you…

  • Have a great interest in IT systems and grasp technical concepts quickly.
  • Have an analytical approach to finding solutions.
  • Enjoy working with large amounts of data and numbers.
  • Are efficient and can make things happen.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Are independent and dare to take action and responsibility.
  • Thrive in a busy and dynamic environment with lots of thing to do.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our department and work culture by clicking "Meet one of our employees" - one of our controllers who will describe what it is like to work in Finance.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in Finance, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at

What is it like to work in Finance Nordic?

  • The best way to describe working in Finance Nordic would be: versatile. There are (almost) no routine tasks– if you are up for the task, you will gain responsibility, get more tasks (and more responsibility), thereby diversifying your work. You will be challenged all day and every day.
  • You are handed a lot of tasks even though you do not know immediately how to solve the tasks. However, you can always count on your colleagues and experts to help you.

What are the Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • I don’t see my daily tasks as challenges. Even though I do not know from the start how to solve some of them, I am always able to find a solution in the end.
  • One of the main challenges for me is working not only cross-culture but also cross-organisational. I am in daily contact with colleagues from 20 different countries. You can imagine how many different cultures that I work with every day. I have to understand how people communicate differently if they are not from the same culture. Understanding is the key to a successful communication.
  • Moreover, when I work with experts in a highly specialized area, the communication can sometimes be tricky. For instance, when cooperating with specialists from our IT department on technical solutions, even though we speak Danish, it sometimes creates difficulties. I need to make sure that we agree and align.

Your most important task this year?

  • My main goal is to uphold the risk tolerance and ensure correct reporting across countries by creating mitigating controls, ensuring compliance with Nordic policies and external legislation etc.  
  • I have two large projects on hand now and they are going to be my focus for this year also. One of them is EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the other one is a bank integration project.

How would you describe the working culture? 

  • The working culture in JYSK for me can be characterised by being pragmatic, informal and bureaucracy is kept at a strict minimum.
  • You have a high degree of influence on decision making even for big projects.
  • One of our values is that you have the right and duty to speak up. You can really see people using this right in JYSK. I can easily say my opinion and start a healthy debate on any occasion.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK? 

  • Working in JYSK Nordic Finance department is not all about numbers and Excel. JYSK is an international company so there is a huge amount of coordination, communication cross-organisational and cross-country – and that’s really brilliant.
  • If you want more responsibility, all you have to do is say so. That’s typical of JYSK: if you work hard and keep at it, there are lots of opportunities.
  • So if you are motivated and curious in nature, JYSK is definitely the right place for you. You will never expect to have a repetitive daily routine. You have a degree of influence on how things should be developed.

What is your career development in JYSK so far?

  • I started as an intern and proceeded as a student helper. Then I continued as a full-time controller, supporting 19 countries’ finance departments in SAP system, training process optimisation etc.
  • After a period of time, I got another challenge to work as a risk & compliance controller, ensuring correct reporting in different countries. Besides, I also make sure that the level of risk in different aspects within JYSK meets our corporate risk standard. At the same time, I am the project leader for two large projects. One is EU GDPR and the other one is a bank integration project. And I have only worked in JYSK for about 2 years now.  

Work in HR

  • The overall purposes of the HR Department is to recruit talents and to train and develop all JYSK employees.
  • Develop tools, procedures and courses for staff development and conduct trainings.
  • Be a part of the development and phrasing of HR and Employer Branding Strategies.
  • Participate in professional and constructive discussions with managers to ensure the best possible JYSK teams.

Tasks and responsibilities of the HR Department

  • Set the strongest teams – and develop them.
  • Scout for talents, search for the perfect candidates, conduct interviews and recruit candidates.
  • Develop talents by preparing and conducting training programmes.
  • Be a business partner – a close cooperating partner for Line Managers.
  • Ensure knowledge sharing between countries - potential difficulties and best practices.
  • Ensure performance management by continuous evaluation of employees.
  • Develop tools and procedures for different HR processes.
  • Handle unsolicited applications, sponsorship requests, internships and cooperation with thesis students.
  • Work closely with our different countries, in order to streamline and adjust our initiatives to the culture and market conditions of the individual countries.
  • Develop the Employer Branding Strategy and initiate actions to activate the strategy.

A position in HR is perfect for you if you...

  • Want to set the strongest teams – and develop them.
  • Enjoy working in a dynamic environment that requires a flexible mindset.
  • Are structured and a good planner who can prioritise your tasks.
  • Are able to perform well in a busy environment and handle many ad-hoc tasks.
  • Are a good colleague, service-minded and trustworthy.
  • Are a good communicator and motivator.
  • Are a good judge of people and talents.
  • Want to create results through other people.

Get to know us and find out what this department can offer you

Learn more about our department and work culture by clicking "Meet Louise" - our colleague who will describe what it is like to work in HR.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about working in our HR Department, please do not hesitate to contact us at

I am an International HR Consultant with JYSK NORDIC. Our department develops the tools, processes, training programmes and guidelines for HR departments in other countries. 

What is it like to work in the HR Department?

  • It’s just so interesting that JYSK is such a big company, and we have to consider so many different countries and cultures in our work – which can, of course, be a challenge now and then.
  • You’re faced with new challenges all the time so there’s plenty of chances to develop professionally and personally in our department.
  • Many of our processes are documented so everybody knows what to do, and where we’re going. This results in an extremely efficient work environment. And you get the time and the chance to take a critical look at things and challenge them.
  • We have a constant flow of incoming ad-hoc tasks to handle so we must be ready for changes. We must be good at planning our way out of bottleneck situations and prioritise our tasks. You never know what turns up – but then again, that’s also the very thing that makes my job so interesting.
  • When you work in HR, you are in a staff function that caters to a lot of people. So people turn to you with all sorts of issues – internal as well as external – and you have to be good at asking questions to find out what people want. That’s how you ensure that you help people in the best possible way.
  • The HR NORDIC team consists of seven people, and there are app. 40 of us if we count all HR employees in the individual countries – and that’s not really such a big group when you consider the size of the company. In my opinion, that’s one of the great advantages of JYSK: because you’re involved in a lot of different things, you get a lot of responsibilities, and you’re part of many decision-making processes.
  • Many of our processes are documented so everybody knows what to do, and where we’re going. This results in an extremely efficient work environment. And you get the time and the chance to take a critical look at things and challenge them.

Challenges that you meet in your position?

  • We have a very wide and international perspective, particularly when we develop tools and processes – because everything we produce must work in all JYSK countries. That’s a major challenge because another big part of my job is recruitment in the headoffice so I have to be able to change my perspective between national and international issues pretty easily.

Your most important task or work procedure this year?

  • That’s got to be our focus on improving the training and development of store staff. We’re running a concept called ”from good to great”. Simply put, we focus on optimising training programmes in the stores and online for the benefit of all store employees – with the ultimate goal of improving our quality and service.

What is in the pipeline for next year?

  • We will continue to optimise our training programmes.
  • In addition, we will increase our focus on recruitment and employer branding. It is difficult for us to attract good candidates so we need to focus on ways to ensure that we get the best talents.
  • Performance management by ongoing evaluation of employees.

Describe the work culture 

  • Everyone in this department are extremely helpful and ready to answer questions – even when busy.
  • We’re good at giving each other feedback on the things we do so we can continue to develop and improve.
  • Internal communication is really good, and we’re good at keeping each other informed and updated – even when we’re away on business trips, which is quite often.
  • The atmosphere is really cool here. People are very committed and have a positive attitude – even if they’re extremely busy. That’s a very unique thing for JYSK.

Why should others choose to work at JYSK?

  • JYSK has an open-doors culture at all levels – generally, you speak with everyone. That usually only happens in small or mid-sized companies so it is quite unique that we have been able to maintain that culture despite our size.
  • Our rate of expansion is just amazing. Things move so fast, and new things happen every day. We want to do a lot of things, and you sense that. The commitment to develop – yourself, your team, your department and JYSK as a whole – is huge. It’s cool to be part of this exciting journey.
  • You might call JYSK some kind of overgrown entrepreneur – even if we’re big, you get responsibilities and influence almost immediately, and you can try things out and vent your ideas. For me, that’s really great.
  • And last but not least, JYSK is an enormously professional, efficient and well-oiled machine that runs very smoothly – and you feel like an important part of it.